Taimur makes his debut on primetime news
Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s son, Ali Khan, Taimur is one of the most revered star kids in Bollywood. Paparazzi love to have you on his pictures, if he steps out of his house. The star kid is now staying in the house in the middle of the Corona-Virus-pandemic and spend some quality time at home with his parents. recently, Tim Tim be TV marked debut with his dad Saif is wearing a Hulk mask.

Recently, in conjunction with Now, Saif talked about how his son is positive about everything. He talked about how he and his family, including wife, Bebo and son Taimur spend their time in self-quarantine at home. As Saif was busy sharing it with his fans on national television, his little munchkin marked his first TV debut of the Incredible Hulk mask and gloves.

Yes, you heard right, Tim, you look sweet, like he was the Incredible Hulk.

The actor opened even as Kareena and he are very happy about Taimur home. He said that Tim’s your little bit of positive energy. He also showed that Taimur is always very positive about everything. In the video, towards the end of the interview, when Saif, his little Prince had requested, Tim told on the TV, but the actor that this potty has.

See the videos below:

Taimur Ali Khan is a celebrity in his own right, and enjoys a huge following on social media