Tanhaai director Sneha Shetty on working with Tulsi Kumar: She is a very dedicated artiste and I got to learn from her

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Sneha Shetty, who is the lead assistant director in the Rohit Shetty picture, recently launched Tulsi Kumar’s single ‘Tanhai’. He has directed music videos such as Jacqueline Fernandez and Badshah featuring ag nagin ‘, ool Genda Phool’ and A Dil Ko Kar Gaye featuring Siddharth Shukla and Neha Sharma.

Talking about the music video, Sneha told us, “We started working on the video two months before the shoot. The shoot took place in late September and during the lockdown, we were working through video calls, me and Tulsi talking to each other for two-three hours every day and planning ahead. They had a vision in mind and thus we worked on the concept together. We shot for three days in Mumbai. “

When working with Tulsi, Sneha said, “I loved working with Tulsi. He is a very dedicated artist and to be honest there are very few artists from whom you get to learn and Tulsi is one of them. It was a different experience for me. For the first time, it happened that the artist was involved in everything and everything. I like that she is giving her input. It always gives me excitement when I find artists who give 100% to the project. So I had a great time working with Tulsi. “

Sneha’s ‘Naagin’ was a big hit. When we asked him if the pressure increased after the first project, he said, “I think pressure makes you work harder. The moment you take things lightly, then people will not like your work. I have learned a lot from Rohit sir over the years and I want to give 100% to my music videos so that nothing is left and the audience will like it. “

Sneha also said that the creative process in films and music videos is very different. “In films, the entire pre-production is like locking the script. But in the music video, first, the music is stopped and then the script is made. After listening to the song, I am asked what I want to do with the song. The first thought that comes to my mind after listening to a song is I pitch. If the video comes from the first thought or feeling, then people can really connect with it, ”she said.

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  • Tanhaai director Sneha Shetty on working with Tulsi Kumar: She is a very dedicated artiste and I got to learn from her
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