Today Latest Bollywood News Covers – “Varun Dhawan is a big hardworking star says Anupam Kher”

Veteran actor Anupam Kher on Thursday congratulated his co-star of "Judwaa 2," Varun Dhawan, claiming that he had become a "big assiduous star".

Varun recently visited Anupam in his drama school here. Sharing an overview of the meeting, Anupam went on Instagram and wrote him a post accompanied by a video.

"I've seen my friend David Dhawan's son, Varun, since childhood, and seeing him grow up to become that great actor / hard-working actor is such a wonderful feeling.

"He showed an excellent graphic of his first film until now, it was kind of him to come to our school, in fact, in his own school," wrote Anupam.

In the video, Varun, an actor who prepares a former student, also praises Anupam. He called him his "family member".

"I have not seen it since One day but he came for breakfast with me when I needed inspiration … more than anything, I needed a family and a member of the family and he was there. Thank you very much, "said Varun, who also worked with …

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