Video: Shefali covers face in plastic bag
Bollywood stars their contribution to the dissemination of the awareness about Corona Virus outbreak. Of questions, the people watching, the social distance to the parts of the posts about the preventive measure, on social media, B-town has been guiding their followers to fight against Covid-19. Shefali Shah shared a post-scare awareness for the health. Covered her face in plastic, the actress released a video with a safety warning.

‚ÄúThis is exactly how your lungs will feel if the Covid-19 is not properly targeted, your lungs, and the virus begins the development. So we have no way, just deal with it. To stay at home and do it, for your safety, for the safety of your family, for your friends, the security of is because, once a person gets it, it will spread like a wild fire. It already is. If this is not warning enough, I really don’t know what is. Can’t breathe! And soon, if this spreads, many of us, a lot of people we love, will not be able to breathe.” Shefali said in the clip.

Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan had created, a video summary of the symptoms and preventive measures to Covid-19. The actor, who had given it, a murky twist, with a few iconic scenes from his films in the awareness video.