Hrithik Roshan shared a warm post today to thank his ex-wife Sussanne Khan, who has kindly agreed to move into his home temporarily. Everything happens for their children so that they are not indefinitely away from one of their parents, as these difficult times in the country are blocked due to COVID-19.

The blockade was enforced until mid-April to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus. As the world fights against this situation together, Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne provide a very inspiring example for parents who share custody of their children.

WHOA! Hrithik Roshan & Sussanne Khan move in together in the middle of the COVID-19 lock

Hrithik and Sussanne both raised their children as enthusiastic parents, and this warm message from Hrithik, who thanks his ex-wife, is all you need to read today!

Hrithik used his social media and said in a post: “For me as a parent, it is inconceivable that I have to be separated from my children at a time when the country is practicing closures. It is heartwarming to see how the world comes together as a unit in this time of deep insecurity and the possibility of months of social distancing and possible blocking for several weeks. . ”

“While the world is talking about humanity coming together, I think this is more than just an idea, especially for parents who share custody of their children. How to keep your children close to you without violating the right of someone else who has the same right to be with your children. This is a picture of dear Sussanne (my ex-wife) who has kindly agreed to move out of her house temporarily so that our children are not separated from us indefinitely, ”he continued.

Hrithik Roshan also thanked his ex-wife as follows: “Thank you very much, Sussanne, for supporting and understanding us in this way on our path of shared parenting. Our children will tell the story that we create for them. I hope and pray that, to protect the health of ourselves and our loved ones, we will all find the way to express love, empathy, courage and strength with an open heart. “

Truly, this post is an inspiration to many out there who need to win their own battles every day, but Hrithik Roshan’s words put the magic on our hearts with this grateful post for his ex-wife, which reflects the great level of understanding and respect they have between them.



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