We recently got to know another side of our legendary favorite actor Dharmendra. Yes, you read it correctly; He is a rather possessive father, as Hema Malini and Esha Deol revealed The Kapil Sharma Show. He never really wanted Esha to come to Bollywood.

Hema ji also revealed that while delivering daughters, Esha Deol and Ahana Deol, Dharmendra had booked the entire hospital on her behalf because he didn’t want fans to bother her. “Yes, it is true, during the delivery of Esha and Ahana, he booked the whole hospital under my name so I wouldn’t be bothered by fans,” the actress recalled. “The actress was quoted according to a Mumbai Mirror report.” .

WHOA! Legendary actor Dharmendra booked an entire hospital for this reason while giving birth to daughter Esha & Ahana

Hema and Esha came over The Kapil Sharma Show to promote Esha’s upcoming book on parenting skills entitled “Mamma Mia”. When Hema Ji talked about Esha and Ahana’s childhood memories, he spilled some of the family secrets and revealed that Dharmendra never wanted Esha to be part of the Bollywood industry.

“Esha was interested in extracurricular activities such as sports and dance. Like in our house, we used to do dance practice, which is why she started to like it and become a professional dancer and even wanted to start her career in Bollywood. However, Dharamji didn’t like his daughter dancing or making her Bollywood debut, and he objected to it, ”said Hema.

Dharmendra later made his peace with it and Esha made her debut in Bollywood.

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