Bollywood News About – “Zinda From Bharat OUT: How To Be ‘Macho At 60’ Featuring Salman Khan”

Zinda of Bharat is finally here and we can conclude it by describing it as the best of the album until now. After exploring the chemistry of Salman Khan with Disha Patani in slow motion and Katrina Kaif in Chashni, there is a little bit of everything in this song.

The song lays the foundation for Bharat's (Salman Khan's) childhood, which gives a clear picture of Jackie Shroff's character. The lyrics of "Zinda Hoon Main Tujhmein …" suggest that Shroff was not alive at the time of the film. It sure looks great and it bothers you, Salman, in his sixties, hits the idiots of a moving bike.

Zinda from Bharat OUT: How to be "macho at 60" with Salman Khan

Check out the song here:

Ali Abbas Zafar, director of the film, said about the transformation of the star of Dabangg: "It was a difficult task and you had to be very patient with the procedure. It took almost two and a half hours to turn Salman into an older avatar. He had to try more than 20 different mustaches …

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