Bridge: It’s money in the bank | Opinion

Bridge: It’s money in the bank |  Opinion

Declarer had to establish a club trick on which to discard his spade loser. Normally, one would cash the club king, play to the ace and ruff a club, winning unless an opponent had five clubs. Luckily, South delayed his decision for a moment. North’s four no-trump was Roman Key Card Blackwood, the reply showing the heart queen and either two aces or one ace and the heart king. Five no-trump asked for specific kings. Note that North didn’t care that South had one king; he needed to know which king.

After winning the first trick with dummy’s spade ace, declarer drew trumps and cashed the diamond ace. East was known to have started with seven spades, two hearts and at least one diamond. This meant that West was far more likely than East to have the club queen.

Source Backing his judgment, South cashed the club king before playing a club to dummy’s jack — success!

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  • Bridge: It’s money in the bank | Opinion
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