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burglars in the UK are caught with a R405,000 keyless entry hacking device

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A group of three thieves were sentenced to 30 months in prison after using a special keyless hacking device worth R405,000. This device is specially designed for the system used in the Mitsubishi Outlander. A West Yorkshire Police investigation reportedly said the group was able to steal 30 of his Outlanders across the region in May, June and July of this year. The three men are involved in a conspiracy involving his five different thefts of vehicles totaling over £180,000 (approximately R3.6 million).

Lieutenant Inspector Vicky Vessie of the Leeds District Crime Squad said: “These men were involved in the systematic theft of Mitsubishi Outlanders across West Yorkshire and want to thank all victims affected by their crimes. It would have caused pain, trauma, and inconvenience. “The utter disregard they displayed for victims whose hard-won cars were swept away in seconds is evident in the flirtatious tone heard in the video footage we recovered from their cell phones.

Disguised as a Gameboy replica, the device makes your car’s keyless entry and ignition aware that you’re using a genuine keyless fob. CCTV footage showed the car being unplugged from the charging station before unlocking and booting with a Gameboy device. This device can start your car in less than a minute.
The large investment required to purchase his one of the most advanced devices indicated that the theft was a planned and organized crime.

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“They were brought to trial after a thorough investigation revealed a set of clear evidence linking them to the crime. I hope it brings some reassurance to both of you. “Unfortunately, criminals are always looking for ways to use this technology to their advantage. Owners of all vehicles with keyless entry and ignition, not just the Mitsubishi Outlander, have access to steering locks, driveway posts, We recommend that you acquire additional security measures such as wheels and attach one tracking device so that the vehicle can be tracked and recovered in the worst case scenario.”

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  • burglars in the UK are caught with a R405,000 keyless entry hacking device
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