Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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After losing election, Stacey Abrams accepts new position and joins organisation that works to ban gas stoves

Failed Stacey Abrams, a contender for governor of Georgia, has declared she will join a dark money environmental advocacy group that is working to regulate and outlaw natural gas stoves.

Rewiring America is a self-described “leading electrification charity, dedicated on electrifying our homes, companies, and communities.” Abrams will join the organisation as senior counsel.

Abrams will, in her capacity, “start and develop a national awareness campaign and a network of major and small towns aiming to help Americans switch electric,” the organisation claims.

The group continued, “She will also lead the organisation as it develops the capabilities and resources to link Americans and their communities to equipment, installers, Inflation Reduction Act incentives, and jobs in the clean energy transition.

A statement from Abrams stated, “Coming up on the Gulf Coast, not far from a big concentration of the petrochemical sector, I’ve seen the environmental and health injustices that visit areas isolated from political power and economic opportunity. “Families in the South and around the nation live too close to the financial edge, and every dollar saved today alters their future, we are at a turning point. Nevertheless, few are aware of how much money they might save by upgrading their homes and cars with a little assistance.

She continued, “I’m thrilled to join Rewiring America to spread the word about the advantages of electrification and make sure people get their fair share. I’m excited to collaborate with you as we develop the tools that will convert regular Americans from energy consumers to energy moguls in their own communities.”

In a post on Instagram, Abrams also praised her new position and explained why she had decided to join the organisation: “It has a goal to connect communities across our nation and illustrate how we can choose sustainable energy without losing our livelihoods or our wallets.”

Announcing her new role with Rewiring America, the company ascribed her achievement to being a “political leader, voting rights activist, and bestseller author.”

Using the pen name Selena Montgomery, Abrams, who has written political works like “Lead from the Outside” and “Our Time is Now,” has also published romance romances.

Rewiring America was created in 2020 by Alex Laskey, Saul Griffith, and Matusiak. Each of them has pursued numerous wind, solar, electrification, and energy efficiency businesses, some of which have brought them millions of dollars in buyouts or significant federal assistance. Through the organisation, the three co-founders have simultaneously pushed for legislation that would help those businesses.

Rewiring America has a growing influence on state and federal policymaking; it was prominently present at two events on December 14 at the White House: one honouring the Inflation Reduction Act and another celebrating electrification. Yet, the group’s donors are hidden from the public eye. Given that the organisation is supported by the Windward Fund, a nonprofit that is a part of the billion-dollar dark money network managed by the Washington, D.C.-based Arabella Advisors.

Rewiring America’s principal goals include promoting big climate programmes that are comparable to those implemented during the Great Depression and World War II and maintaining that Americans must electrify their homes in large numbers. Activists have long pushed in favour of electrification in order to lessen consumer reliance on natural gas and to guarantee that power is sourced from renewable sources such as wind and solar in all sectors.

Abrams’ new position with Rewiring America comes after she was unsuccessful in her bid to become Georgia’s next governor in 2022, falling short to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp for a second time.

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