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After the Cardinals release DeAndre Hopkins, ESPN suggests top destinations for the wide receiver.

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The Arizona Cardinals released DeAndre Hopkins due to his high salary, making him available to other teams. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler listed the best possible teams for Hopkins, including the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, and New Orleans Saints. However, fitting Hopkins into the cap space is a problem for both the Bills and Chiefs. The Jets have a strong group of receivers but could be even better with Hopkins. The Cowboys have a strong WR room but Hopkins did not include Dak Prescott in his top five quarterbacks he wants to play with. The Saints also added a new quarterback, Derek Carr.

As per Arizona Sports, DeAndre Hopkins, a potential WR1, has hit the market after being released by the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals were unable to find a trade partner for Hopkins, largely due to his $19.45 million base salary for 2023. As a result, the Cardinals will have to eat $22.6 million in dead cap, but they will be clear in 2024. Hopkins is now on the market for teams looking for that final piece ahead of training camp and the regular season.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler picked out the best possible marriages for Hopkins, listing five best fits and four wild cards. The five contenders are the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, and New Orleans Saints.

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The Bills have already been linked to Hopkins multiple times this offseason. Edge rusher Von Miller told reporters that Hopkins said he’d like to play for them. The veteran receiver also named Bills QB Josh Allen as one of five players he’d like to catch passes from on the “I Am Athlete” podcast.

However, the issue with both AFC juggernauts is fitting Hopkins in under the cap. The Bills have $2.4 million in cap space, and the Chiefs enter the weekend with $1.6 million. If Hopkins wants money close to the $19.45 million he was due in Arizona, that could be a nonstarter for both teams. They would need to get creative to fit Hopkins on the books.

The Jets have reloaded on offense with Aaron Rodgers under center. Their group of receivers includes reigning Offensive Rookie of the Year Garrett Wilson, newcomers Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, Mecole Hardman, and veteran Corey Davis. The position corps would be loaded with Hopkins in the building.

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The Cowboys have not won multiple playoff games in a run since the 1990s, and they already added Brandin Cooks to the WR room with CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup. However, Hopkins shook his head when asked if Dak Prescott was in his top five for quarterbacks he wanted to play with on “I Am Athlete.”

The Saints added quarterback Derek Carr this offseason, and Fowler believes that Hopkins could be a great fit for the team. However, the Saints are currently over the salary cap, and they would need to make some moves to fit Hopkins in.

In addition to the five contenders, Fowler also listed four wild cards. These include the Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, and Seattle Seahawks. While these teams may not be the most obvious choices for Hopkins, they could still make a strong case for signing him.

In the endgame, Hopkins is a highly sought-after player in the NFL. With his impressive stats and experience, he could be a game-changer for any team that signs him. However, with his high salary, teams will need to get creative to fit him under the cap. It will be interesting to see which team ultimately lands Hopkins and how he will perform in the upcoming season.

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