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Amazon’s Lab126 Faces Morale Decline and Weak Development Pipeline for Devices

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Amazon Devices Unit Morale Wanes Amid Cuts, Weak Development Pipeline

Employees within Amazon’s hardware division, known as Lab126, responsible for popular devices like the Kindle reader and Echo voice-assistant, have expressed concerns about morale within the division. They attribute this decline to recent staff cutbacks and a pipeline of devices in development that they believe are unlikely to be successful.

  • Lab126, once seen as a key engine for future projects, has faced mass layoffs and the departure of key executives, including leader Dave Limp.
  • Current and former employees, speaking anonymously, describe a range of new devices in development, many aimed at promoting the Alexa voice service, which now faces competition from generative AI and ChatGPT.
  • Amazon is holding a devices and services launch event on September 20, where it is expected to feature refreshed versions of existing products and potentially announce new devices.
  • While Amazon remains secretive about its internal projects, sources have identified several new devices under development, including a carbon monoxide detector and a household energy consumption monitor, both with Alexa integration.
  • Concerns About Lab126’s Development Pipeline

    Employees at Lab126 have expressed worries about the direction of the division’s development pipeline. They believe that many of the new devices being developed are not likely to gain traction in the market. Some of the projects mentioned include a home projector and an Alexa-enabled digital measuring device. However, the full details of these projects and their potential success remain uncertain.

    Lab126’s Role in Amazon’s Tech Innovation

    Lab126 has long been a crucial part of Amazon’s drive to position itself as a tech innovator. While not all of the projects developed by Lab126 will make it to the market, they have symbolically represented Amazon’s commitment to innovation. However, the unit has faced years of losses and shifting strategies, which has contributed to lowered morale among employees.

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    A spokesperson for Amazon declined to comment on the specific products in development but emphasized that the Devices and Services business has been an important source of innovation for over a decade, creating products that have become integral parts of people’s everyday lives.

    Despite the challenges faced by Lab126, Amazon’s devices and services business continues to be a significant part of the company’s In the long run operations. The upcoming launch event may provide insights into the company’s strategy for the future and its efforts to maintain its position as a leader in the technology industry.

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