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Baltimore Entrepreneur Pava LaPere, Ecomap CEO, Mourned by Loyola University Maryland Community

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A message on the passing of Baltimore entrepreneur Pava LaPere

The Loyola University Maryland community is deeply saddened by the loss of Ecomap CEO, Pava LaPere. As a founding director of the Simon Center on Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Loyola University Maryland, Wendy Bolger issued a heartfelt statement honoring LaPere’s remarkable achievements and her dedication to the Baltimore community.

  • Pava LaPere served on the advisory board for the Simon Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
  • She was an accomplished CEO and innovator, leading with strong values and a commitment to Baltimore.
  • LaPere was an inspiration and friend to many, leaving a lasting impact on the communities she built.
  • The Loyola University Maryland community joins in grieving the loss of this true star.
  • A Legacy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Pava LaPere’s contributions to the field of innovation and entrepreneurship were unparalleled. Serving on the advisory board for the Simon Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, she brought her expertise and passion to guide and inspire future entrepreneurs.

    As the CEO of Ecomap, LaPere demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation. Her dedication to technological advancements and entrepreneurship was unwavering, always striving to make a positive impact on Baltimore and beyond.

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    An Inspiration and Friend

    Pava LaPere’s impact extended far beyond her professional achievements. She was a true inspiration to those around her, always leading with her values and a genuine desire to make a difference.

    Her commitment to Baltimore and its communities was evident in her work and her relationships. LaPere’s dedication to fostering technology and entrepreneurship for all was a testament to her belief in the power of innovation to transform lives.

    A Loss Felt by Many

    The passing of Pava LaPere has left a void in the hearts of all who knew her. The Loyola University Maryland community, as well as the communities she built at Ecomap and across the city, mourn the loss of a true star.

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    During the 11 a.m. Mass on Sunday, October 8, at the Alumni Memorial Chapel, LaPere will be remembered as the Mass intention, honoring her memory and the impact she had on the lives of many.

    For media inquiries, please contact Marcus Dean at [email protected].

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