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Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Exposes Washington Post’s ‘Hit Piece’ on One Bite Pizza Festival

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Dave Portnoy’s phone call with Washington Post reporter goes viral as he calls out coming ‘hit piece’

  • Barstool’s Dave Portnoy’s video call with a Washington Post reporter about an upcoming “hit piece” on him has gone viral, generating over 29 million views.
  • The article in question is expected to focus on advertisers being associated with Portnoy’s One Bite Pizza Festival.
  • Portnoy confronted the reporter about alleged emails sent to advertisers, where the reporter mentioned Portnoy’s history of misogynistic comments and problematic behavior.
  • Portnoy accused the Washington Post of being a “wildly left-leaning publication” and expressed his willingness to answer any questions the reporter had.
  • Portnoy questions reporter’s tactics and the credibility of the Washington Post

    During the phone call, Portnoy questioned the reporter’s tactics of indicating something negative to elicit a response. He accused the Washington Post of having a biased perspective due to its left-leaning nature. Portnoy emphasized his willingness to engage in a conversation and address any concerns.

    Publication’s cancellation and rescheduling of the phone call

    Portnoy revealed that the Washington Post canceled their scheduled phone call and requested to reschedule for a later time. This development raises questions about the newspaper’s intentions and the nature of their upcoming article.

    As the final decision, this incident has sparked significant attention and controversy, with Portnoy’s video receiving widespread viewership. The phone call highlighted Portnoy’s concerns about potential bias and the credibility of the Washington Post, leading to further scrutiny of the newspaper’s approach in covering his One Bite Pizza Festival.

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