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Bears QB Justin Fields Seeks Simplicity and Freedom in Game Play Amidst Coaching Challenges

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Bears QB Justin Fields says coaching could be reason he’s playing ‘robotic’

  • Fields believes that coaching might be the reason behind his ‘robotic’ performance on the field.
  • He feels that the information overload is causing him to overthink and slow down his decision-making process.
  • Fields and his coach, Eberflus, are working towards the common goal of allowing Fields to play freely and showcase his natural instincts.
  • The struggling offensive line has forced Fields to rely on his running ability more often, limiting his ability to go through his progressions.
  • Fields’ Struggle with Overthinking

    Fields admitted that he has been trying to be a perfectionist, but understands that nothing in this world is perfect. He believes that he needs to stop overthinking and start playing freely on the field.

    The Need for Simplification

    Fields suggests that simplifying the game plan might benefit him. Instead of overwhelming him with information, he wants to rely more on his instincts and play with less thinking.

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    The Challenge of Offensive Line Protection

    The leaky offensive line has been a major obstacle for Fields. He has been forced to scramble and run due to the lack of protection, which has limited the effectiveness of the offense.

    Sunday’s game against the Kansas City defense will be another tough challenge for Fields. However, it presents another opportunity for him and Eberflus to work together and make progress.

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