Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Business owners in the Seaboard Station neighbourhood claim that parking is constrained due to surrounding development, which has reduced profitability

The Raleigh neighbourhood of Seaboard Station will undergo significant renovations.

A complex with residential and commercial space is being built.

But it’s creating issues for some nearby companies. Some shop owners claimed that the initiative is robbing their clients of parking spaces.

The proprietor of Hunky Dory, a record shop located at 111 Seaboard Avenue, Suite 116, is Michael Bell. Outside of his place of business, enormous new structures are being built.

Bell said that parking spaces where consumers once parked are being absorbed by the project’s size. He said that a row of 20 parking spaces worth of public parking had been completely removed by the development.

Bell remarked, “We were already having trouble getting parking.”

Autumn Hicks, the owner of the pastry store Mon Macaron, agreed with Bell’s remarks regarding parking.

It has been a significant concern for us over the past six months, Hicks added.

Even Bell’s staff members occasionally struggle to locate a parking space to open the company’ doors, according to Bell.

Are you shooing us away, or are you going to take action? Bell enquired of the mayor.

Bell is curious as to why the city permitted developers to occupy the spaces. He has asked his landlord for assistance, but he is still having trouble.

More visitors will visit this shopping mall as a result of the new development. New flats fill one entire building.

The currently under construction mixed-use project is anticipated to eventually attract a large number of new inhabitants and traffic to the region. WRAL News questioned Hick and Bell about the potential long-term benefits of the initiative.It’s a battle right now, but we are really eager for it, Hicks added.

Bell agreed with Hicks’ viewpoint.

I absolutely see that, but what are you going to do later on when you are down 90% on the belief that it will eventually be fantastic? Bell questioned.

The city of Raleigh issued the following statement to WRAL News:

“Much of the infrastructure of Seaboard Station, including many of the roads and parking lots, is privately maintained. The two publicly maintained streets in Seaboard are Seaboard Avenue and Seaboard Station Drives, both of which offer some time-limited public parking. The city has collaborated with the developer, the construction contractor, nearby businesses, and property owners to minimise the impact of the development on the operations of existing businesses, which has resulted in increasing parking pressure in the region.

“While we try to keep the public way as open as possible, there are instances when it’s necessary to close streets, bike lanes, walkways, and even open parking lots in order to protect public safety. One of those moments is now. Closing these parking spaces becomes necessary due to the construction of the building foundation, building superstructure, streetscape, and other traffic upgrades. With nearby businesses, this was planned.

Although the demands of construction can be onerous, it’s crucial to remember that the development of these buildings will increase opportunities for the local companies.

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Patrick Huston
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