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Chicago Bears’ Week 3 Loss: Inside Justin Fields’ Coaching Comments and Defensive Coordinator Change

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Everything we know about Chicago’s Week 3 loss

  • Justin Fields’ coaching comments
  • Matt Eberflus as defensive coordinator
  • Still no offensive identity
  • Justin Fields’ coaching comments

    During the week leading up to the game, Justin Fields made some comments about his play that raised eyebrows. He mentioned that he has been overthinking due to coaching and that the coaches want him to stay in the pocket. Despite his intention to be himself against the Chiefs, Fields still struggled. He moved around more, reminiscent of his 2022 performances, but it was still a rough outing for him. He finished the game with 11 completions out of 22 attempts, 99 passing yards, one passing touchdown, and 47 rushing yards.

    Matt Eberflus as defensive coordinator

    There has been a shake-up in the coaching staff at Halas Hall. Defensive coordinator Alan Williams recently left the team due to health reasons. Instead of promoting an interim coordinator, Matt Eberflus took over the defensive play-calling duties for the second consecutive week. However, the defense seemed to regress in their performance. It’s worth noting that they faced one of the best offenses in the NFL, but the game was not competitive.

    Still no offensive identity

    The Chicago Bears’ offense continues to struggle with consistency and identity. Whether Fields is coached to be a pocket passer or allowed to use his mobility, the results remain the same. Play-calling lacks consistency, with Luke Getsy abandoning the rushing game too quickly. In 2022, the team relied heavily on the running game, but this season they have shifted to passing more frequently. With Fields struggling in the passing game and a lack of support on the ground, the offense is facing significant challenges.

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