Monday, February 6, 2023
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Corpus Christi business shows the ‘heeling’ power

As one Corpus Christi company puts its best foot forward, a certain kind of massage therapy is becoming more and more popular.

The owners of Barefoot Bodyworks are married couple Lisa and Lawrence Palreiro.

The duo came up with a clever solution to assist in ironing out the kinks without using their hands.

Everyone who visits here declares that the massages are the best they have ever had, according to Lawrence.

When Lisa founded the company, she used innovative thinking.

She first claimed that she had to persuade individuals to try this particular type of massage therapy.

“I began to build up to persuade folks to allow me to massage them with my feet. Compared to hands, the work is considerably better and more therapeutic. It garnered a following very quickly,” Lisa

After meeting on Valentine’s Day of last year, Lisa and Lawrence became friends since they both adore deep tissue massage.

Additionally trained in Ashiatsu, or foot pressure, the couple. The method has gained popularity in the field of pain and stress management.

We frequently have reservations, according to Lisa.

You may say that they are crushing the opposition.

Barefoot Bodyworks massages are a regular element of Rick and Melissa Ricard’s self-care routine.

“It’s a good deep tissue massage, however I have a lot of ailments and weak points, and my knee is bothersome. Her professional ability to penetrate areas that require care, “Roger said.


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