Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Meridian Acres offers elders a secure place to live as well as a friendly staff

Owners of Meridian Acres, a 40-bed home complex on Meridian Road (M-30), a half-mile north of the U.S. 10 motorway in Sanford, are Lori Draves-Reynaert, 53, and Shelly Maynard, 49.

Meridian Acres offers memory care, which is more of a specialist, and helps the elderly with activities of daily living. Each inhabitant has a separate unit. All fees are paid privately. They employ 35 people.

Both Lori and Shelly are registered nurses who attended Ferris State after graduating from Sanford-Meridian High School. Lori also holds a science bachelor’s degree from CMU.

Marty is the husband of Lori. An electrician, he is. Their only child is Parker.

Bill is Shelly’s husband. He is an engineer in sales. Zachary, a son, and Haley, a daughter, are their children.

How long have you been operating your company?

Shelly: We started in November of last year.

What motivated you to start the company?

Shelly: We were both home health visiting nurses. Lori is still. We would visit all of these facilities and provide patient care. When the chance arose, we purchased Olson Manor on Olson Road, south of Sanford (sold it in July). We made the decision to construct here after creating a wait list. Being registered nurses, we both naturally have a compassionate personality.

Rich Campau owned Olson Manor, according to Lori (it was called Hillcrest). For many years, he had been urging us to purchase it and was prepared to sell it to us under a land contract.

What makes Sanford a fantastic location for business ownership?

There was a demand, says Lori, particularly for memory care.

We were both born and bred in this area, and our spouses are as well, so doing this here felt natural to us.

What are some of the ways your company participates in the neighbourhood?

Shelly: We erected a tree each year and participated in the Sanford Shines Parade. contributed to the Meridian Schools’ athletic complex. We actively participate in the Sanford community as members who live here. Donated to the Sanford Little League fields. We contributed to the Sanford Historical Society and are Sanford Chamber of Commerce members.



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