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Montana Mom Brightens Glendive with Love Like Justice Project: Honoring Memories Through Illuminated Bridge

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Montana Mom Turns Grief into Project to Brighten Up Her Community

Glendive, Montana – Angie Hagen, a resident of Glendive, has found a unique way to cope with her grief and bring positivity to her beloved hometown. Every night, Hagen illuminates the historic Bell Street Bridge with carefully chosen colors, creating a beautiful display that honors the memory of her daughter and other loved ones who have passed away.

Key Takeaways:

  • Angie Hagen turns grief into a project that brightens up Glendive
  • She illuminates the Bell Street Bridge with different colors each night
  • The lights are a tribute to loved ones who have passed away
  • Hagen’s initiative has become a nonprofit organization called Love Like Justice
  • A Tribute Through Lights

    After the tragic loss of her daughter, Justice, in a car accident, Angie Hagen sought solace and a way to keep her daughter’s memory alive. She started by asking friends to fill the alley behind her office with tributes to Justice. The words “Love Like Justice” caught her attention and became the inspiration for her project. Every night, Hagen chooses different colors to light up the Bell Street Bridge, honoring the memory of her daughter and other classmates who have passed away.

    Love Like Justice – Spreading Kindness

    The Love Like Justice project has grown into a nonprofit organization dedicated to making Glendive a better place. Its mission is to remind people to be kind and spread kindness throughout the world. Hagen believes in the importance of cherishing every moment and going on adventures, as tomorrow is never guaranteed.

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    A Bright Future

    Currently, only half of the Bell Street Bridge is illuminated. However, Hagen aims to raise enough funds to light up the entire bridge and enhance it with signs and a sitting area. She hopes that her project will not only brighten up the community but also serve as a constant reminder of love, kindness, and the importance of cherishing every moment.

    Angie Hagen’s initiative is a true testament to the power of turning grief into something positive. Through her project, she has not only found a way to cope with her loss but has also brought light and joy to her community. Love Like Justice serves as a reminder to be kind and spread kindness, creating a brighter future for Glendive.

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