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Nine Teens Escape Abraxas Academy Detention Center: Pennsylvania State Police Capture All

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9 Escaped Teens Captured by Pennsylvania State Police: NPR

  • Nine young inmates escaped from the Abraxas Academy detention center on Sunday, but were all back in custody by Monday morning.
  • This is the second escape incident in two weeks, causing concern among local residents.
  • The escapees, aged 15 to 17, overpowered two female guards, stole keys, and climbed under a fence to flee the facility.
  • Police conducted an extensive search with the help of drones and K-9 units, and quickly received a tip leading to the capture of four of the teens.
  • Escape from Abraxas Academy

    On Sunday evening, nine male teens managed to escape from the Abraxas Academy detention center in Morgantown. They worked together to overpower two female guards, steal keys, and slip out of a side door before climbing under a fence. The incident raised concerns among local residents, as it was the second escape in two weeks.

    Intensive Search and Capture

    Authorities launched an overnight search with the assistance of drones and K-9 units. The search was prompted by a homeowner’s call to the police after one of the escapees attempted to break into a car, triggering the car alarm. Four of the teens turned themselves in by knocking on a homeowner’s door approximately 4.5 miles from the detention center. They were taken into custody on Monday morning.

    Ensuring Public Safety

    The swift capture of the escaped teens highlights the commitment of Pennsylvania State Police to maintain public safety. The use of advanced technology, such as drones and thermal imaging, aided in the search and capture process. Efforts are being made to strengthen security measures at detention facilities to prevent future escapes.

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    The successful resolution of this incident provides reassurance to the community and emphasizes the importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the public in maintaining a safe environment.

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