Friday, January 27, 2023
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NWI Business Ins and Outs: Casey’s opening, Practically Magic Garden & Events, and NetPar golf simulator bar

Since the new tool can, among other things, produce essays and respond to difficult questions with material retrieved from the internet, it has gained enormous popularity and raised concerns about its possible usage in educational settings.

Due to worries that students would use ChatGPT to harm their education, the New York City Department of Education earlier this month prohibited its usage on public school networks and devices.

According to Terwiesch’s research, educational institutions should pay closer attention to how AI tools affect the learning process, including exam procedures and “curriculum design emphasising on collaboration between human and AI.”

Golfers can play a simulated 18-hole course that has been meticulously plotted out using drones by renting TrackMan bays by the hour. Six bays are present in the Munster location, as opposed to four in Crown Point.

“The bays have been given a larger size. They are bigger and longer “Courtney Stanley, manager of marketing and special events, remarked. “The larger bays have received a great deal of praise from the public. Every month, we keep adding more and more courses to the course catalogue.”

Additionally, NetPar Golf has a PGA Professional on staff that instructs golfers in Crown Point and Munster.

Stanley remarked that “he’s a tremendously important part of our winter activities.” He has directed various exercises, junior league sessions, and courses.

West Lafayette was a favourite of NetPar since it is a thriving college town. Messages requesting an opening date have been flooded onto NetPar’s social media platforms.

Because of the position in the brand-new Centennial Village mixed-use neighbourhood near to the Centennial Park Golf Course, NetPar chose Munster as its new home.

There are numerous new eateries and companies opening up, according to Stanley. When people go out to eat or drink there, they are thinking about golf.

There is a bar at the NetPar in Munster that serves beer, wine, and spirits. Customers can sip beverages at the bar, at a high-top table, or in a bay with their party.

She described it as a more upscale pub with unique foods and drinks. “There is undoubtedly a large assortment of whisky and bourbon. It ranges from mid-range to high-end.”

The Munster site does not offer meals like the Crown Point location does. It lacks a kitchen, therefore it is looking for food partners to deliver orders via DoorDash from the outside.

The Masters and other big golf tournaments will be promoted on NetPar’s numerous televisions that show sports to entice viewers to play golf while watching the action on the screen. Birthday celebrations and business outings will also be held there.

Stanley remarked, “It’s a nice bar. It’s a fantastic place to hang out with friends.

Live music will be performed when league games, including junior and female leagues, are played on NetPar. There are memberships available for both individuals and businesses, and they come with benefits like first dibs on tee times, discounts on products, and 20% off golf lessons.

Although walk-ins are welcome, it is advised that golfers make reservations in advance. Additionally, the bays contain games where players can test their driving distance or aim accuracy.

“Indoor golf was redefined by NetPar. We’re moving it forward,” she declared. “We offer top-notch games, outstanding customer service, and the freedom to play any game or course you choose. Each swing is examined so you can improve. Even those who don’t play games can hang out and enjoy themselves. There is a little amount of something for everyone.”



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