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NYT Crossword Answers for Sept 21, 2023: Fun Puzzle with Birds in V Formation

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New York Times Crossword Answers for Sept. 21, 2023

In the latest installment of The New York Times crossword puzzle, Dan Caprera presents a fun challenge for avid solvers. The theme of the puzzle revolves around a clever visual representation of birds in flight, forming the shape of a V. Let’s take a closer look at some key highlights from this puzzle:

  • Bird Migration: The theme of the puzzle centers around the winter migration of six bird species. Although not all birds in the puzzle follow this pattern in reality, the theme phrases form a V shape, with the vertical leg representing the name of a bird.
  • Creative Clues: The crossword features several clever and tricky clues that require solvers to think outside the box. For example, the clue “Center cut?” leads to the answer MOH, which then connects to 8D’s HAWK, forming the word MOHAWK, a haircut in the center of the head.
  • Wordplay and Puns: The puzzle also showcases wordplay and puns, adding an extra layer of enjoyment for solvers. One notable example is the clue “Desire for a lonely hart?” which refers to an adult male deer. The answer, DOE, brings to mind the Yes song “Owner of a Lonely Heart.”
  • Exploring the Tricky Clues

    Let’s delve deeper into some of the trickier clues that may have stumped solvers:

    1. Center cut?

    The clue “Center cut?” may have initially confused solvers. However, the answer, MOH, when combined with 8D’s HAWK, forms the word MOHAWK, referring to a center haircut.

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    2. Capital of Washington?

    The clue “Capital of Washington?” may have misled solvers to think of Olympia, the capital city of the state. However, in this puzzle, the answer is ONES, referring to capital as in funds, with the U.S. bill featuring the first president.

    3. Desire for a lonely hart?

    The clue “Desire for a lonely hart?” presents a clever play on words. The answer, DOE, refers to an adult male deer. This clue might bring to mind the Yes song “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” adding a touch of musical reference to the puzzle.

    In the final reckoning, this crossword puzzle by Dan Caprera offers solvers an enjoyable and challenging experience. The clever theme and tricky clues make it a must-try for crossword enthusiasts.

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