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Saints Quarterback Derek Carr Under Evaluation for Shoulder Injury After Loss to Packers

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Saints’ Derek Carr Being Evaluated for Shoulder Injury After Loss to Packers

  • Saints quarterback Derek Carr injured his shoulder during a sack in the third quarter of a 18-17 loss to the Green Bay Packers.
  • Carr is currently being evaluated and undergoing X-rays to determine the extent of his injury.
  • The impact of a long-term injury to Carr, who signed a four-year, $150 million contract in the offseason, was evident in the Saints’ loss.
  • Backup quarterback Jameis Winston was unable to lead the Saints to victory, resulting in an 18-0 scoring run by the Packers.
  • Concerns Over Carr’s Injury

    After being sacked, Carr remained on the ground for a few minutes before leaving the field. He was then evaluated in the medical tent before heading to the locker room for further assessment. The severity of his shoulder injury is still unknown.

    Impact on the Game

    Without Carr, the Saints struggled to maintain their lead. The team was outscored 18-0 after his injury, ultimately losing the game. Backup quarterback Jameis Winston was unable to secure a victory, despite driving the team into scoring position.

    Offensive Line Struggles

    The Saints’ offensive line has allowed a significant number of sacks throughout the season. Carr’s injury on a sack highlights the need for better protection. The loss of guard Cesar Ruiz to a concussion further weakened the offensive line, making it difficult to keep the quarterback safe.

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    Blown Lead and Missed Opportunities

    The Saints had a strong start with a 17-0 lead, but their defense couldn’t hold off the Packers’ comeback. The loss prevented the Saints from achieving a 3-0 start for the first time since 2013. The team’s rushing game also suffered, with limited yardage gained.

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