The Immaculate Conception Banner: A Symbol of Faith and Triumph at the Vatican Angelus

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The Story Behind the Immaculate Conception Banner at Every Vatican Angelus

For more than two decades, a blue banner bearing the words “The Immaculate Conception will triumph” has been a familiar sight at every Vatican Angelus. The banner is a symbol of the House of Mary community’s devotion to the Immaculate Conception and their belief in the triumph of faith.

  • The House of Mary community has brought their banner to the Vatican Angelus for over 25 years, traveling over 96,000 miles to over 38 cities in Italy.
  • Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis have both expressed support for the House of Mary and its mission, acknowledging the importance of faith and fraternity in the modern world.
  • The community’s unwavering faith in the Immaculate Conception and their dedication to living the Gospel in today’s society serves as a source of hope and inspiration for believers.
  • Devotion to the Immaculate Conception

    The House of Mary community’s motto, “The Immaculate Conception will triumph,” reflects their deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and their belief in her intercession in the face of modern challenges.

    Support from Popes John Paul II and Francis

    Both Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis have acknowledged the importance of the House of Mary’s mission and their commitment to living out the Gospel in today’s world. Their support has been a source of encouragement for the community.

    Faith and Fraternity in a Modern World

    The House of Mary community’s presence at the Vatican Angelus serves as a reminder of the enduring faith and fraternity that are essential in the midst of contemporary secularism and relativism. Their unwavering commitment to the Immaculate Conception symbolizes hope and victory in the face of adversity.


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