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Top 3 Takeaways from Bills vs Raiders: Allen’s Jaw-Dropping Plays, Versatile Offense, and High Scoring Victory

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Top 3 things we learned from Bills vs. Raiders

  • Allen’s ability to make jaw-dropping plays on the run
  • Allen’s proficiency in spreading the ball to multiple receivers
  • The impressive scoring output of the Bills
  • Allen’s Dynamic Playmaking

    During the game against the Raiders, Josh Allen showcased his incredible ability to make jaw-dropping plays while on the move. Two of his three touchdown passes came when he was outside the pocket, demonstrating his versatility and skill. In accordance with the latest findings of Next Gen Stats, Allen has thrown 12 touchdown passes on the run since 2022, which is three more than any other quarterback. His ability to create plays on the move adds an exciting element to the Bills’ offense.

    Spread of the Ball

    Another key takeaway from the game was Allen’s proficiency in spreading the ball to multiple receivers. He completed passes to nine different receivers, showcasing the depth and versatility of the Bills’ offense. This creates a challenge for opposing teams when gameplanning, as they have to account for the numerous weapons that Allen can utilize. The ability to distribute the ball effectively adds an extra dimension to the Bills’ offensive attack.

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    Impressive Scoring Output

    The Bills’ performance against the Raiders resulted in their highest scoring output since Week 5 of last season. Scoring 38 points, the offense was firing on all cylinders and showcased their ability to put up big numbers. This offensive explosion highlights the potential of the Bills’ offense and the effectiveness of their game plan. The ability to score at such a high rate puts the Bills in a strong position moving forward.

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