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Vikings’ Week 11 Loss at Broncos Spurs Disappointment Among Fans

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Fans React to Week 11 Loss at Broncos

  • Frustration Over Offensive Play Calling
  • Disappointment in Turnover Battle
  • Criticism of Coaching Staff
  • Frustration Over Offensive Play Calling

    Many fans expressed frustration with the offensive play calling during the game. They felt that the team was playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Fans questioned the decision to switch to vanilla plays in the red zone and criticized the lack of creativity when it mattered most.

    Disappointment in Turnover Battle

    Fans were disappointed with the team’s performance in the turnover battle. They felt that protecting the football was preached excessively by the coaches but did not translate to the players’ actions on the field. The failure to win the turnover battle was a major point of contention for fans.

    Criticism of Coaching Staff

    Many fans directed their criticism towards the coaching staff, particularly in regards to their approach to playing not to lose. Fans expressed a desire for the coaching staff to set a better example and adopt a more aggressive mindset. There was disappointment in the missed opportunity to put the game away and a hope that the coaching staff would learn from the loss.

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