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Watch Jackson Snelling’s Emotional Blind Audition on The Voice Season 24: Tribute to His Father and Autistic Brother

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Watch Jackson Snelling’s Blind Audition on The Voice Season 24

On The Voice, a moving story can quickly win a singer the audience’s heart, even before they hit the stage for their Blind Audition. Jackson Snelling, a young man from Austin, Indiana, captured the hearts of viewers with his emotional journey. With his autistic brother Dawson by his side, Snelling openly shared the loss of his father and his desire to make him proud. He chose to perform Justin Moore’s “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” as a tribute to his father.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jackson Snelling’s emotional story resonated with the audience, setting the stage for his Blind Audition.
  • Snelling’s rendition of “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” impressed the Coaches, earning him their attention.
  • Gwen Stefani and Reba McEntire engaged in a playful Coach showdown over Snelling’s performance.
  • Coach John Legend praised Snelling’s tone of voice and expressed excitement for his future on the show.
  • Snelling’s Emotional Performance Strikes a Chord

    As Jackson Snelling began singing, his heartfelt performance immediately captured the attention of the audience and Coaches. Gwen Stefani turned her chair early on, followed by Reba McEntire, who was waiting for a specific moment. Snelling’s powerful high note sealed the deal, prompting McEntire to turn her chair and causing a playful exchange between Stefani and McEntire.

    Coach John Legend’s Encouragement and McEntire’s Influence

    After the excitement settled, Coach John Legend praised Snelling’s inviting and warm tone of voice. He expressed his confidence in Snelling’s potential and welcomed him to the show. McEntire took the opportunity to connect with Snelling by asking about his musical influences. Snelling’s response, “I grew up listening to you, Miss Reba,” delighted McEntire, who shared her love for country music and expressed pride in Snelling representing the genre.

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    A Promising Journey Ahead

    With the support of the Coaches, Jackson Snelling embarked on a promising journey on The Voice Season 24. McEntire expressed her excitement for developing Snelling’s talent and guiding him towards the finals. Snelling’s emotional performance and connection with the audience have set the stage for a memorable season on The Voice.

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