Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Business owners in Park Slope are on edge due to an uptick in robberies

The most recent in a succession of robberies recorded along Park Slope’s 7th Avenue was a smash-and-grab heist in Brooklyn.

“It seemed to be twenty minutes. There were 38 seconds. It seemed to last forever, “Irina Sulay, the owner, remarked

Facets Jewelry turned into a crime scene on Sunday.

Sulay was there, along with a worker and a client.

All of the stolen jewellery was handcrafted by her.

“Saddest of all is that I allowed him entry. I tried to make everyone feel welcome and at ease at this store, but we were undoubtedly taken advantage of, “said Sulay.

Just a few weeks ago, burglars attempted to break in after hours at the AT&T store next door.

Employee Mursalin Rasool claimed, “They’re perfectly trained since they know just where to hit on the door to get inside.

However, they were unable to access the backroom safe. Days later, they attempted to break in once more. “We want additional police officers patrolling the neighbourhood and keeping an eye out. Just getting around, you know, because we need to feel comfortable if we want to live or work here, you know?” said Rasool.

Local residents claim that individuals are also being targeted in addition to businesses. One Park Slope homeowner remarked, “People just come in, rip up the packages, then steal certain things and leave, so that has happened multiple times in our building.”

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  • Business owners in Park Slope are on edge due to an uptick in robberies
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