Friday, February 3, 2023
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Business Transaction Insights for Observability of Cloud-Native Applications on AWS Now Available from Cisco AppDynamics

Major changes to Cisco AppDynamics’ cloud-native observability offering AppDynamics Cloud were revealed. Business transaction insights blends AppDynamics Cloud’s continuous-context experience with business transaction monitoring. As a result, businesses can increase observability across cloud-native applications linked to business context both inside and outside of their Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. Teams can watch applications in the same way that customers and end users do and move swiftly to improve performance and address issues in close to real-time thanks to the insights from AIOps.

Modern cloud-native applications can be extremely complicated and distributed. In order to gather and analyse the enormous volumes of data created by their technology stack during routine operations, operations teams frequently have to rely on siloed, domain-specific solutions. Because they lack the linked insights to recognise how crucial issues affect business outcomes, companies may find it difficult to provide trusted digital experiences for end-user customers.

The new capabilities will initially serve workloads on Amazon Web Services as well as digital services and cloud-native apps (AWS). On their journey to full-stack observability, enterprises across the whole IT estate continue to be empowered by Cisco AppDynamics and AWS.

Teams can use multiple data streams from OpenTelemetryTM and Amazon CloudWatch, all correlated to business context, with the help of business transaction insights, and then optimise digital experiences at scale. They produce AIOps-driven alerts that enable teams to identify, rank, and fix the most crucial problems that might have an impact on the user experience and the entire business.

According to Vincent Lamonde, Director of Cloud Operations at Insurity, “Business transaction monitoring is at the centre of our application performance monitoring strategy.” It’s crucial to know that as we develop new cloud-native solutions and innovate for the future, Cisco AppDynamics can support both our traditional environments and our cloud-native landscapes thanks to innovations like business transaction insights.

71% of the 1,150 IT professionals surveyed by Cisco AppDynamics for the study believe their company will need to devote resources to the observability of cloud-native applications and infrastructure. Technology professionals now have the ease of use and insights they need to simplify operations, boost the business value of AWS products and services, and make the most of existing and upcoming investments in areas like Kubernetes®, microservices, and other AWS infrastructure.

According to Ronak Desai, SVP/GM of Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Full-Stack Observability, “With AppDynamics Cloud, we are redefining the cloud-native observability industry.” The complete cloud-native landscape of a business can be seen thanks to Cisco AppDynamics, which also produces insights based on an intelligent relationship model. Business transaction insights have been added to AppDynamics Cloud, enabling IT teams to act with the knowledge necessary to take business-critical decisions and dismantle the new silos that exist across their cloud-native monitoring landscapes. We are assisting customers in achieving the goals of Cisco Full-Stack Observability and providing their complete IT environment with actual visibility, information, and actions.

According to Chris Grusz, General Manager of Worldwide ISV Alliances and AWS Marketplace, “As organisations move their businesses to the cloud, it is critical to use solutions that enable them to understand their cloud environment and quickly identify meaningful data to optimise the customer experience.” Customers can confidently evolve modern applications while better utilising the agility, scalability, and innovative cloud services that AWS offers thanks to the addition of business transaction insights for AppDynamics Cloud.

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  • Business Transaction Insights for Observability of Cloud-Native Applications on AWS Now Available from Cisco AppDynamics
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