Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Businesses in Macon are concerned about the county’s proposed waste policies

Many individuals believe that downtown Macon is expanding. It has new restaurants and hotels, as well as street expansions and numerous new retailers.

“Every time I come back up here, I see new businesses and the storefronts are filling up,” says former downtown resident John Thornberry.

Bibb County wants to make sure that a trash trail does not follow behind all of the development as it grows.

He claims that during his stay in downtown, he has witnessed the area’s highs and lows. It is now at an all-time high.

Bibb County wants to appropriately manage waste in order to maintain it clean, safe, and enjoyable for everyone.

“Overall cleanliness is excellent. It’s on the rise, and I can see it coming “he claims

Commercial trash collection is currently handled by a private corporation that contracts with property and business owners.

However, not every owner has a written contract. Macon-Bibb County is exploring stricter requirements, such as requiring each business to sign contracts with their own trash collection firm and to rent their own dumpster.

Following a warning, firms might be penalised $100 each day for trash more than two cubic yards, according to the proposal. This is seen as a public nuisance. Not every business is convinced that this is the best approach to maintain the region clean.

“That will be an additional expense,” Wayne Woodard explains. “I think the city carrying that load actually makes the city run more smoothly,” Tony Martin adds.

Martin has been a downtown Macon businessman for many years. From running and marketing clubs to co-owning Global Soles on Poplar Street, he’s come a long way. Because of the expansion, he believes that it is an excellent moment to own a business in the area.

“I feel they go hand in hand now more than ever with it being so clean and the surge of business,” he says. Martin said he has no idea where his company would be able to store their trash, and it would add to their workload.

“We’re getting charged to park occasionally, so now you have trash on top of that, plus you have staff and inventory to worry about. That is not anything we should add to the dish “he claims Wayne Woodard says he is concerned about two businesses. He founded Ambitious Graphics and Imagine 584.

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  • Businesses in Macon are concerned about the county’s proposed waste policies
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