Color blind corrective contact lenses | EurekAlert! Science News

Color blind corrective contact lenses |  EurekAlert!  Science News

IMAGE: Rose-tinted contact lenses (around 10mm in diameter) containing gold nanoparticles filter out problematic colors for people with red-green color blindness. view more

Credit: Adapted from ACS Nano 2021, DOI: 10.1021 / acsnano.0c09657

Imagine seeing the world in muted tones – gray sky, gray grass. Some people with color blindness see everything this way, although most cannot see specific colors. Tinted glasses can help, but they can’t be used to correct blurry vision. And the tinted contact lenses currently in development for the disease are potentially harmful and unstable. Now, in ACS Nano, researchers report infusing contact lenses with gold nanoparticles to create a safer way to see colors.

Some daily activities, such as determining if a banana is ripe, choosing matching clothes, or stopping at a red light, can be difficult for people who are color blind. Most people with this genetic disorder have difficulty distinguishing between shades of red and green, and red-tinted glasses can create these colors. more prominent and easier to see. However, these lenses are bulky and the lens material cannot be made to solve vision problems. Thus, the researchers have …

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