Column: Green New Deal colors ongoing political debate | Notice

Column: Green New Deal colors ongoing political debate |  Notice

The Green New Deal has recently dominated the press as one of the most hotly debated political topics on our political divide. But what is it? And why is that?

First, it is important to know that this is not a bill before Congress. It’s simply a congressional resolution, in fact a two-part combination of many topics, setting out the vision supporters think the United States should take.

The first use of the term “green new deal” in the United States can be attributed to columnist Thomas Friedman, who referred to one in a 2007 column as a kind of environmental globalism. Barack Obama, presidential candidate at the time, was taken by the plan and included most of the principles in his 2008 platform.

Around the same time, in 2007, British economist Richard Murphy founded a Green New Deal Group, which channeled some ideas to the British Labor Party. The United Nations also picked up on the idea, calling for a global effort in 2009.

But then the policy intervened. The Tories won in the UK in 2009 and the Republicans swept aside the US midterms of 2010. The ideas expressed in this concept have mostly remained at rest, at least among politicians.

With Democrats now in charge of the White House and Congress, the Green New Deal is back – high time. So what is it?

First, there is the “Green” part, dedicated to reducing the greenhouse effect …


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