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Do you regret switching from big Android phones to iPhone 13 mini?

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Over the previous few years, I’ve gone through a steady run of massive Android phones with large batteries, large screens, and – as one would assume – large constructions. From the 6.7-inch Xiaomi Mi Max 2, to the 6.78-inch Asus ROG Phone 5 series, to the 7.6-inch Galaxy Z Fold 3, there’s something for everyone. Those phones weigh between 211 and 271 grammes (9.56 oz), take up a lot of pocket space, and you can feel their weight if you carry them about all day. However, the advantages of their size and weight include a huge display for watching videos and browsing social media, as well as, in most cases, a large battery that can retain a charge for a long time.

Big phones, or phablets as we sometimes like to call them, excel when it comes to watching YouTube, Netflix and what not, anywhere. If you travel a lot and don’t feel like dragging a tablet or a laptop with you, nothing beats the simple convenience of having a large phone with you and enjoying your movies on the go, on it. No second device needed. And I indeed do plenty of watching when I travel, with the Asus ROG Phone 5 being one of my favorite phones for that, thanks to both its large OLED screen and what are in my opinion its industry-leading front-facing stereo speakers.

But when the iPhone 13 mini recently got released, I thought I’d switch things around and try a vastly different smartphone experience – something so tiny and lightweight that I can easily forget it’s even with me. And it’s a flagship? Sign me up! Plus, I’m not that accustomed to iOS, so I thought it’s high time to gain more experience with it. Was it a big adjustment? Let me share my experience with you, starting with the more notable issues I had to get accustomed to…

But then I switched to the iPhone 13 mini. A phone with a 5.4-inch display, and a notch taking some of it no less. All of the sudden, although not too surprisingly, watching YouTube videos and movies gradually became something I did much less on my phone, and much more often on my laptop and iPad instead. If your eyesight is good, I suppose you’d be able to watch the occasional clips on a phone this small without feeling like it’s too much of a handicap, but I guess my eyesight just isn’t that perfect.

Especially when I fired up Netflix and finally decided to watch the Squid Game series, I couldn’t possibly enjoy the experience, as I started missing tons of details. A 5.4-inch display just isn’t enough to watch engaging, long-form content. To be fair, this isn’t the phone’s fault, it’s arguably not even made for people who’d go and watch movies on it, but still, I have to mention this.

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  • Do you regret switching from big Android phones to iPhone 13 mini?
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