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During the NJBIZ panel, experts address challenges affecting women in business

Over the past three decades, women have made significant strides in the workplace, yet they still encounter obstacles to achieving their full potential.

Women frequently experience gender-based discrimination in the job and in commercial interactions in addition to being underrepresented and underpaid.

Women make up 47% of New Jersey’s workforce, which totals 4.2 million individuals. And even while more women than males (41% to 40.5%) possess bachelor’s degrees or higher, they still make less money overall.

In addition, while women have made significant progress in the fields of educational instruction, healthcare, and community services, they have not made as much progress in other fields. For example, many fields continue to be dominated by men, such as natural resources, construction, and maintenance (98.8%); law enforcement; and many other fields.

Additionally, as New Jersey’s economy recovers from the COVID-19 crisis, more attention is being paid to the kinds of improvements required to effectively support women in the future.

After the pandemic, the state’s labour market participation rates for women have mostly returned, but thousands of them continue to forgo full-time jobs, higher pay, health insurance, and other advantages in favour of the flexibility to care for small children and elderly parents.

Women CEOs from New Jersey-based organisations discussed their experiences and provided advice to the following generation of females entering the workforce during a Dec. 14 NJBIZ virtual panel discussion.

Jeffrey Kanige, editor of NJBIZ, moderated a panel discussion that included the following participants:

Elene Costan, chief human resources officer of Carteret-based Berje Inc., a major player in the flavour and fragrance sectors Kate Janukowicz, director of professional development, associate recruitment, and commercial and criminal litigation at the Newark legal firm Gibbons PC

Greek Development Inc., a vertically integrated, East Brunswick-based real estate company with a concentration on industrial properties, is led by its chief financial officer Masha Sherman. The 90-minute discussion covered topics such as how businesses can promote more women to leadership positions, how to keep them there, how virtual work environments affect the advancement of women in the workplace, how to deal with obstacles, and how to set boundaries to maintain a work-life balance.

One of the most important pieces of instruction involves speaking out for other female coworkers as well as oneself. The CEOs discussed the value of informal mentoring opportunities in addition to the formal mentoring programmes that each of their organisations offer. According to Janukowicz, Gibbons has both larger mentor groups with participants from different practise areas as well as more intimate mentor groups.

“It’s really about having that open line of communication, checking in frequently, and asking yourself, ‘Are you heading in the right direction?’” Do you want it to act in this way? and staying on course so that six years later you’re not lost in the work and wondering, “What the heck am I doing?,” What is this? It is about giving back, Sherman added. Since I put a lot of effort into getting to where I am now, I find mentoring to be a lot of fun, both formally and informally. If I can motivate somebody or provide them with useful advise on how to advance their careers, that’s the least I can do.

We need to assist one another in life and in work, Costan said in agreement. The women who succeed here, in Janukowicz’s opinion, “are a support system and supportive,” she affirmed. There is no rivalry… It improves your appearance and raises everyone’s status. It’s not attractive if you’re overly ruthless.

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  • During the NJBIZ panel, experts address challenges affecting women in business
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