Taliban’s Education Policies Lead to Abuse and Discrimination, New Report Finds

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Students detail abuse, horrors of Taliban’s education system

  • Boys in Afghanistan are experiencing a decline in access to education and quality of education due to Taliban policies
  • Subjects like arts, sports, English language classes, and civics education have been eliminated from Afghan schools
  • Taliban’s focus on Islamic religious education has led to increased anxiety and a loss of hope for the future among boys
  • Prohibition of girls from attending secondary and higher education is deeply incompatible with international human rights standards
  • Students detail abuse, horrors of Taliban’s education system

    The education policies of the Taliban government in Afghanistan are not only harmful to girls but also boys in the Muslim-majority nation as students are reporting a rise in abuse and more focus on Islamic religious education, As mentioned in a news article on a new report.

    Taliban’s Impact on Boys’ Education

    Researchers interviewed boys and their parents in eight of the nation’s 34 provinces. They found “an alarming deterioration in boys’ access to education and the quality of their education,” driven in part by the Taliban removing female teachers from their jobs and a rise in corporal punishment.

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