Wagener Celebrates Local Educational History with Unveiling of Historical Marker at A.L Corbett Middle School

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WAGENER — A.L. Corbett Middle School commemorates its historical significance with a marker unveiling and alumni gathering, celebrating its role in the local community.

  • Dozens of alumni gathered at J.O. Brown Memorial Auditorium to share memories and express gratitude to the school’s early supporters.
  • Corbett Middle School played a crucial role in providing education for black students in Wagener, who previously had limited access to higher grades.
  • Longtime educator Richard Sumpter highlighted the school’s impact on the community, especially in providing education beyond seventh grade.
  • Challenges faced by black students in accessing transportation to attend school were also brought to light during the event.
  • Wagener Celebrates Local Educational History

    The event at A.L. Corbett Middle School in Wagener, South Carolina, marked a significant moment in the school’s history as it unveiled a historical marker to honor its legacy. Alumni and community members gathered to reflect on the school’s impact and express gratitude to those who contributed to its establishment.

    Impact on the Community

    Richard Sumpter, a longtime educator in Wagener, emphasized the crucial role played by Corbett Middle School in providing education beyond the seventh grade, especially for black students in the area.

    Challenges Faced by Students

    Sumpter also shed light on the challenges faced by black students in accessing transportation to attend school, highlighting the impact of limited resources on their education.

    To summarize, the event served as a tribute to the school’s legacy and the individuals who played a pivotal role in shaping its history.

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