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Effects of COVID-19 protests on your mental health – NEWS 1130

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We’ve been trying to cope with the pandemic for 18 months and things don’t appear to be getting easier right now, as we deal with a fourth wave and rising daily case counts. “I think yesterday’s events were quite shocking and concerning for a lot of us and brought up feelings that, perhaps, we had started to get past. But the last year and a half has been really hard on all of us with the pandemic, wildfires, climate change, the confirmation of the bodies at residential schools, all that has a compounding effect and yesterday’s events compounded it even more. It can absolutely be negatively impacting people’s mental health at this time,” Pamela Findling with the Canadian Mental Health Association explained Thursday.

The key right now is to take a bit of a breather and take care of yourself. — Sonia Aslam (@SoniaSAslam) September 2, 2021

*911*Crisis Centre BC: 604.872.3311*Canada Suicide Prevention Service 24/7: 833.456.4566 (text: 741741)*Seniors Distress Line: 604.872.1234 She adds as overwhelmed as you may be feeling, it may also help you if you check on others you care about.

Friendly reminder, if your mental health is struggling today, you’re not alone. Please get help/check on others if you can. @NEWS1130 “It’s important if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious that you reach out for help — that’s the number one thing. There are resources available at you’re in distress you can call 310-6789.”

As most of us get our information online, Findling suggests it may be a good time to take a break from scrolling Twitter or Facebook. “Reach out to others to see if they need help, that can really help with your mental health. Check on your neighbours and your friends and your family, see how they’re doing,” Findling said.

Read more:  In addition to reaching out for help or speaking to others, Findling suggests getting some exercise, eating properly, taking care of your overall health, and trying to get a decent night’s sleep. “One of the tips we recommend too is that people stay off social media as much as possible and just take a social media break,” she told NEWS 1130. “The other thing that can be helpful is to surround yourself with friends and families who have similar points as view as you and that can help more positive energy, reassure you and offer support to you.”

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  • Effects of COVID-19 protests on your mental health – NEWS 1130
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