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Elite Scientists Collect More Citations Than Ever While Others Lose | News

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Citations are important indicators of status and success in science. But it appears a small group of elite scientists are increasing their lead while their lesser-known colleagues remain lower in the rankings, according to a new Danish study that links these growing inequalities to increased collaboration and intensified international competition.

Recent data indicates a growing gap between the “haves” – a small group of top scientists who enjoy exceptional privileges in terms of funding, research facilities, reputation and influence – and the “haves”. Now, a Danish team suggests that “citation inequality” is also on the rise. In their analysis of more than four million authors and 26 million scientific papers, they found that the richest 1% of all scientists had increased their share of citations to 21% in 2015, up from 7%. % from 2000. In other words, their research published in 2015 received 21% of all references from subsequent research.

The study also reveals that while all researchers collaborate more, “ordinary” researchers publish a little less, but “the elite” a little more. He concludes that the elite enjoys a “collaborative advantage” which …

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