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– Prince Harry is preparing to take on a British tabloid publisher in court– An award-winning Mariupol documentary was screened for the first time in Ukraine– A Trump-appointed judge rejected Tennessee’s anti-drag law as too broad and vague– A Disney lawsuit judge removed himself from a case for undisclosed reasons– Grammy-winning lyricist Cynthia Weil died at age 82– Tony Award-nominee Sara Bareilles plans to continue working in both stage and music– Composer Kaija Saariaho died at age 70 of a brain tumor– Jay Roach directed a quirky, noirish Apple series starring Patricia Arquette– Ben Folds released a hook-filled album featuring songs about motel flings and topical subjects– Copyright © 2023. All rights reserved. This website is not intended for users in the European Economic Area.

As seen in the coverage by Federal News Network, Prince Harry is gearing up to take on a British tabloid publisher in court. The royal has long been a target of the tabloids, with many outlets publishing invasive and often false stories about him and his family. Now, Harry is taking a stand and seeking justice.

In other entertainment news, a documentary about the city of Mariupol has been screened for the first time in Ukraine. The film, which has won several awards, explores the city’s history and culture, as well as the challenges it faces today.

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Meanwhile, a judge appointed by former President Trump has rejected Tennessee’s anti-drag law, calling it too broad and too vague. The law would have criminalized the use of gender-affirming medical treatments for transgender youth.

In Disney news, a judge has removed himself from a lawsuit involving the company, but not for the reasons cited by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The case involves allegations of pay discrimination against female employees at Disney.

On a somber note, Grammy-winning lyricist Cynthia Weil has passed away at the age of 82. Weil was known for her collaborations with her husband, Barry Mann, and wrote many hit songs over the course of her career.

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In the world of theater, Tony Award-nominee Sara Bareilles is looking to balance her stage work with her music career. Bareilles has had success in both fields, and is eager to continue pursuing both.

Composer Kaija Saariaho has also passed away, at the age of 70. Saariaho was known for her innovative and experimental work, and was highly regarded in the classical music world.

Finally, a talk show host known for his incompetence is somehow managing to book high-profile guests. The mystery of how he does it continues to baffle industry insiders.

In television news, director Jay Roach is teaming up with Patricia Arquette for a quirky, noirish series for Apple. The show takes place in the desert and promises to be a unique and engaging viewing experience.

And in music news, Ben Folds has released a new album featuring songs about motel flings and other topical subjects. The album is filled with catchy hooks and showcases Folds’ signature style.

As always, stay tuned to Federal News Network for the latest in entertainment news and updates.

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