Priyanka Chopra says that she comes from the family where everyone has questioned her decision to become an actor


Men Must Understand the Importance of Women's Empowerment

"Men in the World Must understand that as soon as you give power to a woman, as soon as you give her the opportunity to be the best, she can look after both her family and her career. [19659004] I think boys can not tackle both, look at the Commonwealth Games medals, most were won by women. "Society should be extra open to" ambitious "ladies ” identify=”” elegance=”sliderImg image_listical”/>

Society should be extra open to "ambitious" ladies

The actor believes that society should be extra open to the thought that ladies are formidable. She says that other folks have now not but ready for the thought of ​​a career-oriented lady

"Girls being ambitious, it's always like …" haw kitni. ..

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