BREAK: Gulshan Kumar's biopic will be renamed

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BREAK: Rename the biopic of Gulshan Kumar

Previously, Bhushan Kumar had announced that he would produce the film Moghul it would be based on his father Gulshan Kumar. Aamir Khan recently joined the film as a co-producer. If that was not all, we also hear that the manufacturers of Moghul are now considering changing the title of the film. BREAKING the biopic Mogul of Gulshan Kumar will be renamed Says a source close to the project, "Yes, Bhushan Kumar is considering changing the title of Moghul. But for the moment, it is still too early to discuss the details. Aamir Khan also joining the company as co-producer under the banner of Aamir Khan Productions, most details are closely hidden. Knowing how Aamir works, the details of the film will be published quickly once everything has been locked. "For the uninitiated, Moghul is based on the life of Gulshan Kumar and how he founded and developed T-Series in the gigantic world he is today. Aamir Khan now joining the project, it is said that the film is being reworked and an official announcement will be made soon. Read also: 5 things you can expect in Gulshan Kumar biopic with Akshay Kumar and 4 things you can not

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