Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Bruce Campbell, the actor of “Evil Dead,” tells a heckler at the movie premiere, “Get the f—- out of here!”

“Evil Dead” franchise star Bruce Campbell warned one boisterous audience member to “Get the f—- out of here!” during the SXSW Festival screening of his new horror film, “Evil Dead Rise,” on Wednesday.

The audience member decided to speak with the creators of the most recent installment in the long-running horror franchise after watching the full movie at the yearly Austin, Texas, tech and cultural festival.

At a Q&A with the movie’s producers and performers, an audience member shockingly yelled, “This movie f—-ing sucks!” before being booed by the crowd and called out by Campbell. The incident went viral.

In video that was posted to Twitter immediately after the incident, six members of the cast—including Campbell and another actor—were seen responding to questions from a moderator as someone in the audience near to the stage began speaking loudly over them.

The audience member replied emphatically after a brief pause, “This movie f—-ing sucks!” The panel’s stunned moderator reacted, “What?” as the audience quickly erupted in raucous jeers and boos directed at the disruptor.

Although the audience member’s initial statements were difficult to understand, it was evident that he was upset. The panellists initially chose to ignore the outburst, but as it continued to get louder, one of them inquired, “What’s that?”

As the guest violently rose from his seat and started his march to the exit doors, the situation got even more dramatic as he threw his bucket of popcorn into the air. The audience kept booing loudly the entire time.

As he went away, a different panellist commented on the situation, saying, “He’s storming out.” “I suppose it implies we’ve made it,” she added in jest. Another attempted to appease the irate throng by saying, “He has left. Everyone, he is no longer there.”

Yet, the heckler wasn’t quite done. The rowdy guest turned to the stage and raised a middle finger as he approached the back of the theatre and the audience erupted in cheers. He continued to rant, though it was difficult to understand what he was saying. Campbell had had enough at that time. What are you doing here, he sternly demanded. and then yelled, “Get the f—- out of here!” with anger.

The actor’s direct response was applauded by the audience, and the heckler ultimately left. Thankfully, Campbell and the other panellists found their sense of humour again. One person referred to the adage “Keep Austin quirky, right?” Rob Tapert, the movie’s producer, made a comment that caused the audience to roar with laughter: “I don’t get it. He patiently awaited until the end of the credits!

The most recent installment in the venerable horror series, “Evil Dead Rising,” stars Bruce Campbell as series protagonist Ashley “Ash” J. Williams. Although he is absent from the new film, he served as executive producer. In late April, it will be made available.

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  • Bruce Campbell, the actor of “Evil Dead,” tells a heckler at the movie premiere, “Get the f—- out of here!”
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