Charlotte Bennett: 5 things about Andrew Cuomo’s former assistant accusing her of sexual harassment

Charlotte Bennett: 5 things about Andrew Cuomo's former assistant accusing her of sexual harassment

Charlotte Bennett is said to be the second woman to accuse Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment and said he made her feel like he ‘wanted to sleep’ with her. Here are five things you should know.

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, 63, is said to face a second charge of sexual harassment from a former assistant. Charlotte bennett, 25, says The New York Times that the politician asked him inappropriate personal questions, told him he was open to dealing with women in his twenties, and more while she was working for him. Even though she says he’s never made any physical advances, his words made her “uncomfortable and scared.”

Here are five things you need to know about Charlotte and her situation with the Governor.

What does Charlotte claim Governor Cuomo said?

Charlotte claims the governor said things that made him believe he “wanted to sleep with” her, in an interview with the New York Times. She described a meeting they allegedly had in his Albany office in June 2020 and revealed that he complained about the COVID-19 pandemic and that he “couldn’t even kiss anyone.” She explained that he would have rushed her by asking her, “Who did I hug the last time?” before trying to dodge the question by telling him that she had failed to hug her parents.

“And he was, like, ‘No, I mean like someone really hugging,’ she said. “I understood that the governor wanted to sleep with me and was feeling terribly uncomfortable and scared. And [I] I was wondering how I was going to get by and I thought that was the end of my job.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment by two of his former aides. (MEGA)

She also went on to say that after telling her that she was a sexual assault survivor, he seemed obsessed with it. “The way he kept saying, ‘You’ve been raped and mistreated, attacked, assaulted and betrayed’ over and over again looking me straight in the eye was something that came out of a horror movie,” he said. she told a friend. via SMS, according to the Times. “It was like he was testing me.”

Another thing she mentioned at the point of sale was her alleged response telling her that she was thinking of getting a tattoo. Charlotte said he suggested that she put it on her butt so no one could see it when she was wearing a dress.

Charlotte said Governor Cuomo had talked about wanting a girlfriend.

Charlotte said the governor, who broke up with his famous girlfriend, Sandra lee, 54, in 2019 after dating for 14 years, told him he was alone. She said he pointed out to her that Sandra was “irrelevant”, while also speaking of “wanting a girlfriend, preferably in the Albany area”.

“Age doesn’t matter,” he told her while asking her what she thought about age differences in relationships – something Charlotte told her friend about in a text. reviewed by The Times. She said he said he “was fine with anyone over 22”.

Charlotte once played soccer against one of Governor Cuomo’s daughters.

Charlotte grew up in Westchester County and is about the same age as the Governor’s eldest daughters. She told The Times that she told him about playing soccer with one of her daughters during one of their conversations.

When did Charlotte stop working for Governor Cuomo?

Charlotte stepped down as assistant governor after reporting her conduct to her chief of staff. She said she transferred to another job with an office across Capitol Hill and left administration in November 2020.

Charlotte is the second former employee to accuse Governor Cuomo of sexual harassment.

Lindsey Boylan, who also worked for the governor, detailed his own accusations of sexual harassment in an essay on Way, which was released on February 24. One of the claims she made was that he kissed her “on the lips” without warning while they were inside her Manhattan office. She said the incident occurred in 2018 after being promoted to Assistant Secretary for Economic Development and Special Advisor, a post she claims she initially turned down “because I didn’t want to be around him” .

I’m grateful for the support I’ve received since telling my story – not just from people in New York City, but across the country. When we introduce ourselves and support victims, we make it easier for others to come forward. Only by shedding light on this kind of abuse can we put an end to it.

– Lindsey Boylan (@LindseyBoylan) February 26, 2021

“We were in her New York office on Third Avenue,” she wrote in the essay. “As I got up to leave and walk towards an open door, he stepped in front of me and kissed me on the lips. I was in shock, but continued to walk.

Lindsey, who is running for Manhattan Borough President, has also shared several tweets, including the one above, since sharing her story.

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