Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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During an episode of “Last of Us,” Rainn Wilson denounces anti-Christian prejudice in Hollywood: He was a “villain,” I knew it

After the most recent instance from the HBO series “The Last of Us,” actor Rainn Wilson slammed the anti-Christian attitude in Hollywood on Saturday.

“I do believe that Hollywood has a negative bias against Christians. I knew the “The Last of Us” character David was going to be a terrible antagonist the moment he began reading from the Bible. Could there possibly be a Bible-reading preacher who is genuinely nice and kind on a show?” Tweets from Wilson.

The former “The Office” cast member criticised a recent episode of the show for having a villain use Bible scriptures in what he claimed was a formulaic way on his Twitter account.

A tribe of cannibals were depicted in “The Last of Us,” a post-apocalyptic television series based on the same-named video game. They were headed by a character that resembled a Christian preacher. The group cited texts from the Bible to support their acts, and in a later scene, the preacher made an attempt to rape the little girl who would later become the series’ protagonist, Ellie.

“One of the most cliched and worn-out themes in movies and TV shows is the denigration of Christianity. Its ubiquity is intended to weaken faith and portray the secular-minded as the only ones with benevolent motives, which is much more than just bias against a whole population.”

Others echoed Wilson’s critique and noted that “The Last of Us” was far from the only instance of Hollywood’s anti-Christian attitude.

Eric Conn, CEO of New Christendom Press, tweeted: “returns to Mr. Collins from Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. Almost typically, the preacher man is portrayed negatively. It also applies to modern Hollywood.”

“While I lean left, Last of Us’ Hollywood nonsense frequently caused me to sneer. I had to pause the video “Sean Kernan, a writer at Medium, commented.

Brittany Martinez, the publisher of Evie Magazine, wrote: “I could tell the pastor was going to be terrible as soon as he began reading from the Bible. See that guy play David, the spooky cannibal from the video game, I thought. Then David appeared. Shocked. Surprised. never before seen it. The pastor in the video game wasn’t him.” Christian author Eric Stetzer tweeted, “Yes, making Christians the bad guy in the show is the norm, nowadays.

Artist Sean Feucht stated, “We’ve all known this for a long long time Rainn. Wilson has in the past used his Twitter account to promote left-wing causes. In an effort to advance climate change advocacy, he declared plans to alter his online monicker to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson in November.

“I’m hoping that this name change raises awareness of this expanding, er, melting problem. At COP27, world leaders must pay attention and act. Although the Arctic is melting at millions of litres every second, this issue hasn’t gained much attention, so it’s up to us to change that. In a later tweet, he asserted that Twitter’s new rules imposed by Elon Musk prevented him from changing his profile name.

P.S. “Because, Elon,” they won’t let me change my name. Wilson penned.

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  • During an episode of “Last of Us,” Rainn Wilson denounces anti-Christian prejudice in Hollywood: He was a “villain,” I knew it
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