Ellen Pompeo reveals a surprising truth behind one of Grey’s Anatomy greatest episodes!

Ellen Pompeo reveals a surprising truth behind one of Grey's Anatomy greatest episodes!

Ellen Pompeo reveals a startling truth behind one of Grey’s Anatomy greatest episodes!

Ellen Pompeo shares surprising behind-the-scenes secrets from Grey’s Anatomy!

On Thursday night (May 6), ABC announced that next Thursday they will be rebroadcasting one of the most important and discussed episodes in Grey’s history.

After the announcement was made, Ellen decided to take to Twitter to share some secrets about the episode!

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Next Thursday, ABC will again air the 17th episode of the second season of Grey’s, titled “As We Know It”.

In the episode, a patient walks into the hospital with a bomb inside him. Meredith (Pompeo) then puts her hand inside and holds the bomb so that it doesn’t explode. Eventually, she is able to safely take it out and hand it over to Bomb Squad member Dylan Young (played by guest star Kyle Chandler). He then leaves the operating room holding the bomb, with Meredith following behind him.

As he walks down the hall, the bomb explodes, killing Dylan and sending Meredith flying backwards and crashing to the ground.

After ABC’s replay of this episode was announced, a fan tweeted a clip of the explosion while writing that all I’m going to be able to think about is how @EllenPompeo banged her head on that floor.

Ellen then replied to the fan that it was not here that had filmed the scene, but rather a double!

“It was actually a brace who had a concussion and had to go to the emergency room…” Ellen replied.

Ellen then revealed that she ended up shooting the scene as well, but used the double take for the “dramatic” effect.

“Of course the director insisted that I do it after the professional got hurt, of course they were asking me to do it and of course, being people’s fun that I was … I said yes knowing they would use the take where it hit his head anyway because it looks so dramatic, ”Ellen tweeted.

The lesson here ladies is this… don’t do things that make you uncomfortable because you’re afraid people will see you as difficult, ”continued Ellen. “Believe me, they are going to see you as difficult no matter what you do!”

She also added: “I will also add … it was around 230 in the morning and we had been filming easily since 3 PM by then, I was physically and mentally exhausted from filming the other parts of this. scene and I knew it was dangerous and I still am I did it anyway … not to be a hero … not to be a ‘problem’.

Ellen concluded her thread by saying, “But also in an effort to do whatever it takes to make the show great… all the lessons that are worth it. There is a lot of value in working hard and making mistakes.

It’s just been announced that this longtime Grey’s Anatomy star is leaving the show.

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