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Emily Blunt recalls her ‘horror show’ of a first kiss

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Emily Blunt recalls her ‘horror show’ of a first kiss

Emily Blunt didn’t have a great first time fucking experience.

The A Quiet Place star, 38, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, May 26.

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Detailed news summary: Emily Blunt

During her appearance, she spoke of celebrating birthdays, and a particularly memorable anniversary from years ago.

Find out what she said …

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“I really remember it was my 13th birthday party, because we played spin the bottle… and I remember like, there were like 18 kids in the dining room and I put a sign on the door saying ‘Don’t Come In Mum,’ you know, and she listened, ”she explained.

“She probably had too many children – she was fine, whatever. Let go … no one came in, and we played spin the bottle and it was my first kiss … no, no, it was a horror show, ”she said revealed, continuing to describe it.

“Her name is Ashley Clark. and that was the 90s, it must have been the 90s so people had … remember the curtains, when men had the curtains? It was just one thing in England. It was like a hairstyle, half open in the middle and sort of a floppy disk… it was quite attractive, so if you were talking about boys, you’d be like ‘if you’ve seen her curtains…’ ”she explained playfully. .

“So Ashley Clark had great curtains, like they were blonde and he was very tall and very handsome… so I turned the bottle that landed on Ashley, I thought ‘Oh my God, this’ is that.’ I had heard about the concept of French kisses, but I was like, “Well, that sounds weird, why would that be nice or nice?”

“It wasn’t… I was just sort of horrified by it all, and I just remember… kind of like wiping my mouth after… I don’t know what he’s doing right now. What is he not doing? she laughed.

She also just reacted when asked to star in a Marvel movie.

Watch her explain her first kissing nightmare…

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