Moby responds to Natalie Portman calling him ‘creepy’ after controversy

Moby responds to Natalie Portman calling him 'creepy' after controversy

Moby responds to Natalie Portman calling him ‘creepy’ after controversy

Moby once again opens up about his controversy with Natalie Portman, which was made public in his 2019 memoir “Then It Fell Apart”.

The 55-year-old musician wrote that he had already had dates with the 39-year-old actress years before. Natalie denied ever having flirted with him and in fact said her recollection of the events was that he was a “much older man who scared me when I was just graduating from high school.”

Click inside to see everything that happened, as well as what Moby is claiming today…

In a new interview, Moby spoke again.

“Part of me wishes I could spend the next two hours deconstructing it all, but there are levels of complexity and nuance that I really can’t get into,” Moby said. The Guardian.

In memoirs from 2019, Moby said he met Natalie when he was 33 and she was 20. Natalie disputed this and said she “had just turned 18”. Moby claimed that they met backstage at one of his shows and Natalie was flirting with him. He tried to go out with her and be her boyfriend, but according to him things didn’t work out.

“There’s a part of me looking back that wishes I hadn’t written the book,” he says. “But then the sales figures indicate that not many people actually read it.” He was then asked if what he wrote was the total truth, to which he replied, “Uh … yeah.”

Natalie took issue with Moby’s story and called his attempts to date her “scary.” You can read his full statement, made in 2019, here. Moby then said that Natalie was lying.

“You know, you ask me to open such a box of worms,” he said in the new interview. “It reminds me of my favorite chess move, which my uncle taught me, where you move your knight so that it defeats the king, but he’s going to take the castle as well.”

He also added: “There is no right way to answer: one option is terrible, the other is really terrible. So if we were playing chess right now, this is the part where I would pick up my phone and pretend I had an emergency call.

As for Natalie calling him “scary,” he replied, “I wouldn’t use that word,” he explained. “But when I was an alcoholic and a runaway drug addict, I really acted selfish and incredibly recklessly towards family members, friends, girlfriends and the people I worked with.

Moby later apologized to Natalie.

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