Munnabhai 3 to be released soon, Rajkumar Hirani confirms

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Munnabhai 3 popping out quickly, Rajkumar Hirani confirms

Rajkumar Hirani popping out together with his maximum formidable challenge to date, Sanju, talked to Outlook mag concerning the film and extra. He was once requested about his long-standing challenge Munnabhai 3 which could also be one of the crucial expected initiatives of this gifted director. Speaking of the similar factor, he stated: "We (Hirani and writer Abhijat Joshi) wanted to make Munna Bhai's third film and even wrote a lot of it, but we were unable to match the scenario with the first two. Now, I've found something, although we still have to write it. "It looks as if we’ve each reason why to have fun! Hirani was once additionally requested if he thinks he was once destined to do Sanju as a result of he directed the arguable actor to Munnabhai who was once a sport changer at each their careers. To which he stated that he had now not did Munnabhai with Sanju, he would nonetheless have finished his biopic. "I got to know Sanju because of Munna Bhai, but as I told you earlier, I have never been among his close friends. I knew him as much as the rest of the world. He never led me into his darkest secrets. Even though I had not done all three movies with him, I would still have been fascinated by his story and made a film about his life. Knowing him gave me this opportunity. As I told you, as a filmmaker, I am always hungry for content and can go anywhere for that. " Sanju will be released on June 29 and stars Ranbir …

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