Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Paris Hilton claims that her eighth-grade teacher used the fact that Priscilla Presley was the same age as her “when Elvis fell in love with her” to manipulate her

When she was 14 years old, Paris Hilton claimed her 8th grade teacher was grooming her. She called the event the “catalyst” for her parents’ choice to send her to a string of cruel boarding schools hundreds of miles away from home.

She stated that he had a “very Abercrombie” appearance, including “tousled hair” and “piercing eyes,” and that “everyone liked him, especially the nuns.”

The now 42-year-old DJ and businesswoman wrote of the inappropriate behaviour of a “handsome young teacher” at her Catholic middle school, who “all the girls in my class were crushing on,” in “Paris: The Memoir,” her new book that was published on Tuesday.

It turned out, though, that the teacher, who Hilton referred to as Mr. Abercrombie and did not identify, shared her sentiments and informed the then-14-year-old Hilton: “I’ve developed a crush on you.”

We spent hours discussing how extraordinarily mature, gorgeous, and brilliant I was, as well as how sensual, special, and misunderstood I was. He brought up the fact that Princess Diana was 13 years Prince Charles’ junior. I was a teenager when Elvis Presley fell in love with Priscilla Presley.

The vocalist of “Stars Are Blind” claims that the teacher requested her personal phone number and then started calling her virtually every night.

“I ought to be a rock star. My due was a prince. I was a princess, that’s why. I merited to be treasured and loved in this manner. eight grade boys know nothing about,” she recalled him telling her.

“Why wouldn’t I enjoy this story? Everything revolved around me, precious tiny me, “She composed. The attention was diverted from his inappropriate actions to my alluring looks.

“I was persuaded by Mr. Abercrombie that I was unique and priceless, and guess what? I was, “She went on. Every eighth-grade girl is unique and valuable. “You’d want to imagine that since every 8th grade girl is a treasure, like a precious work of art, every 8th grade teacher will act like a security guard at an art gallery. He is there to preserve the beauty, not to take in its splendour. He’s there to uphold the regulations, and the first one is DO NOT TOUCH. Keep your hands, lips, and man bits away from the works of art.”

When the teacher inquired about Hilton’s parents one evening and learned that they weren’t, she made the decision to drive over, according to Hilton, the relationship came to a dramatic conclusion. Idling at the top of the driveway, she observed a modern SUV, she reported. “I slid over to the passenger side. My teacher gave me a kiss as he brought me into his arms.

The mother-of-one remembered the kiss and said, “The intensity of it startled and delighted me. My head exploded with a plethora of unnameable emotions as well as a rush of energy and curiosity. “This frightening blissful kissing seemed to go for a very long time and was developing into something more. If my mother hadn’t removed it, I’m not sure where he would have taken it if my parents hadn’t pulled into the driveway.”

Unsure of what to do, the teacher fled in his car with Hilton inside, “sped like a lunatic through the wealthy neighbourhoods of Bel Air and Westwood,” with Kathy and Rick Hilton close after. Hilton remembered how the instructor tried to put the blame for his actions on her and claimed to her: “My life has ended. How am I acting? How come you forced me to do this?”

When the teacher finally dropped her off at home, Hilton retreated to her bedroom. She attempted to act asleep as her parents barged through the door and started yelling at her. They made the decision to transfer their teenage daughter to live with her maternal grandmother in Palm Springs as a result of this occurrence. Hilton adds that she now recognises that her teacher was a paedophile but does not know if he ever received punishment for his acts.

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  • Paris Hilton claims that her eighth-grade teacher used the fact that Priscilla Presley was the same age as her “when Elvis fell in love with her” to manipulate her
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